After many years of manufacturing helmets for the leading brands in the world, Falcon decided to create his own line of protection products for polo players of all ages: Falcon Polo.

The game gets faster and protection must evolve. That’s why Falcon Polo has selected a new advanced element for their products: XRD® Extreme Impact Protection.

Comfortable, flexible and lightweight, XRD® Technology frees you of rigid, bulky and constricting padding. On impact, the high performance molecules of this material create a unique protective shield that absorbs up to 90% of the most intense force* hit after hit.
(* as measured according to ASTM-F1614-C)

Watch this video demonstration.

XRD® Technology is designed for life on the edge – a high performance game changer that lets you concentrate on your next move, and not be inhibited by the last hit.

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XRD® Technology offers the best repeated shock absorption of any high performance protection foam for extreme applications. In a nutshell, impact force dissipates and is distributed over a larger area, resulting in lower stress to the wearer. Upon high speed contact, this material instantaneously firms creating a protective shield that absorbs the strike, while remaining comfortable and non-confining as it returns to its “resting” state. Because this foam will not break down on impact you get maximum protection every hit.

Performance Graph


The difference is notable even when the foam is at its thinnest, which means protective gear featuring this protection are often more comfortable, flexible and breathable than other protective products. It feels soft and smooth and contours to the body. This technology helps to eliminate the need for the uncomfortable, rigid and bulky padding found on elbow and shin pads, ensuring a more customized fit.


When things heat up, keeping your cool is crucial. Breathable foam technology fits like a second skin for as long as you wear it, ensuring ease of motion and air flow. And, it won’t weigh you down with bulky padding, so you are free to focus on the game, not on your equipment.


The molecules will not break down over time like some competitive materials. So you get the same superior cushioning and protection performance throughout the lifetime of the product.