The classic, reinforced.

Made with a reinforced fiberglass shell, the FALCON Star combines the highly resistant carbon fiber with a high-impact absorption technology.

David Pelon Stirling

Reinforced Shell

Reinforced fiberglass shell that meets standard demands.

Best shock absorption

Unique high-impact absorption technology on the inside.

Optimum fit

The inside has been completely redesigned to improve comfort.

Falcon Polo fiberglass


Standard improved

FALCON Star is built on a reinforced fiberglass shell. Strong enough to spread the force of the impact evenly across the whole of the outer shell area. Then the soft inner protection manages (absorbs) the remaining energy that is transferred through the outer shell, even when multiple impacts apply.

Crash management

Multi-impact protection

All new Falcon Polo helmets features XRD® Technology on the inside. On impact, the high performance molecules of this element create a unique protective shield that absorbs up to 90% of the most intense force* hit after hit. Learn more →

* as measured according to ASTM-F1614-C

Impact protection for Falcon Polo
XRD technology for Falcon Polo


Cloth covering

With a high percentage of cotton, our fabrics are selected for durability without losing the colors. Our fabrics are specific for the helmets. The shape of the FALCON Star maintains the look of the classic and memorable polo helmet, preferred by most polo players.

Falcon Polo cloth covering


Optimum fit

A good fitting reflects better comfort, but also means a better performing helmet. Falcon Polo ensures a snug (not oppressive) fit and a comfort level that make your riding a pleasure, keeping its protection capabilities.

FALCON Star comes in two styles:

Falcon Polo Argentine Style
Argentine style
Falcon Polo English Style
English style


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