Falcon Polo specializes in high-protection equipment for polo

Falcon Polo is a brand, built upon Floriano Falcon’s equity and identity. Falcon has been a manufacturer of top quality polo helmets since 1988 as Falcon Helmets S.A. After many years of assisting top polo players of all levels. In 2012, Falcon expanded its offering, this time under its own specialized brand of high-protection equipments.

Some of the lines offered by Falcon Polo includes:

  • Helmets
  • Boots
  • Elbow pads
  • Knee pads

Continuously looking for new ways to improve protection, Falcon is the first manufacturer to test its helmets under known standards, and the first who received certification in 2005. All brands that have marketed Falcon helmets, have been able to use these values.

Falcon also introduced a new advanced technology of maximum impact absorption for the entire product line: XRD® Extreme Impact Protection. Comfortable, flexible and lightweight, this protective pad frees the players of rigid, bulky and constricting padding. On impact, high performance molecules of this element create a unique protective shield that absorbs up to 90% of the most intense force hit after hit (as measured according to ASTM-F1614-C).

“We are committed to the highest standard of quality and protection for the new generation of polo players” – Floriano Falcon.

The protective padding we use offers the best repeated shock absorption of any high performance protection foam for extreme applications. You get the same superior cushioning and protection performance throughout the lifetime of the product. See some Falcon Polo demonstration videos.